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    • Overview of Laser Equipment>

      Overview of Laser Equipment

      TASTE Equipment includes CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and industry-customized automatic laser processing system that are widely used in processing applications such as marking, engraving and cutting of various materials.

    • CO2 laser marking machine series>

      CO2 laser marking machine series

      CO2 laser marking machine series is of computer control. By using 10.64um laser beam through beam expansion, focus, and finally by controlling the deflection of galvanometer, the surface of workpiece is impacted based on the predetermined track so that the surface is gasified for marking effect. The whole machine adopts internationally leading folded design with the integrated design of power supply and control part rendering the machine size more compact. The shape is designed by the top designer in Europe.

    • Fiber laser marking machine series>

      Fiber laser marking machine series

      Fiber laser marking machine series mainly includes MINI laser marking machine, Taste laser marking machine, 3D laser marking machine and wide range laser marking machine, meeting different customers' demands of individualized development, safety quality, contour refined processing and scope.

    • Ultraviolet laser marking machine...>

      Ultraviolet laser marking machine series

      Ultraviolet focusing spot is minimal, and the processing heat affected zone is very minimal, so it is mainly used for hyperfine marking, special material marking and engraving, applicable to marking and surface treatment of materials such as silicon wafers, sheet ceramics, various glasses, liquid crystal displays, PCB processing and thin polymer films etc.

    • Cutting laser machine series>

      Cutting laser machine series

      TASTELASER laser cutting machine series integrates marking and cutting, enabling free switch. The use of imported high-speed head matched with independent R&D 3D software and control system achieves acceleration up to 5m/s, greatly increasing the production efficiency.

    • Industry-specific marking machine...>

      Industry-specific marking machine series

      Industry-specific marking machine series mainly includes intelligent automatic equipment for laser marking such as the jeans laser engraving machine, leather high-power laser marking machine, LGP laser processor etc. specific to particular industries like leather, clothing, mobile phone and advertising lamp box and others.

    • Flying laser marking machine series>

      Flying laser marking machine series

      CK-X2 high-speed “flight” marking machine is introduced to you – a full-automated laser marking machine tailored for high-speed operation on assembly lines. It has extremely long “flights” and supports 70 high-speed English flying at the speed of up to 80M/min. It can be used matching any product line for online synchronous marking on the fly to achieve the non-stop automatic production mode and meet the production demands in the industrial automation age.

    • Welding laser machine series>

      Welding laser machine series

      Full-automatic 3D positioning welding marking machine uses three-axis high-precision working table to move freely up and down, front and back and left and right. To break the defects of welding machine disabling patch weld in the past, CKLASER has developed a set of new software control system available for seamlessly connection with high repeatability and significant reduction in material waste.

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  • Applications ∨
  • Knowledge ∨
    • Laser knowledge overview>

      Laser knowledge overview

      This section provides customers with basic laser principles, usage tips and some common problems and solutions, as well as equipment maintenance knowledge. Please contact us for more details

    • Laser principles>

      Laser principles

      This section introduces the basic principles of lasers and also analyzes the in-depth principle of our 3D laser marker technology.

    • Laser usage tips>

      Laser usage tips

      Most laser devices on the market today belong to four types of lasers. If they are used improperly, they may cause certain harm to the human body. Using laser devices correctly can not only protect personal safety, but also help to improve the effects of laser engraving and cutting and save laser processing time.

    • Laser common problems and solutions>

      Laser common problems and solutions

      Using laser equipment for material processing will encounter some problems. This section will provide you with basic common problems and solutions. If they are unable to answer your doubts, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

    • Laser personalized application>

      Laser personalized application

      The application of laser marker has become more and more close to life. Modern people also have a higher pursuit of beauty and art. TASTELASER enables the integration of technology and art, so that intelligent manufacturing leads the trend of the times.

  • About-us ∨
    • Company Profile>

      Company Profile

      "TASTELASER" is located in Guangzhou city and currently employs 170 people. The technical staff account for 60% of total. It is divided into four product divisions: Fiber Division, CO2 Division, Automation Laser Division and Mirror Optics Division, separately engaged in standard laser.

    • Technical Support>

      Technical Support

      Fast service: Our Company has professional maintenance engineers and equipped with various types of accessories. Full service: We provide customers with a complete set of laser processing solutions, including process test, talent training, and parameter reference and loading of material.

    • Free sample test>

      Free sample test

      TASTELASER provides sample test services such as marking, engraving and cutting of applied materials. Applying online, you can have the opportunity to take three free samples test. The test results will be issued in the form of report. Please call us for more information.

    • Contact us>

      Contact us

      Please contact us for any information regarding the choice of the equipment, application of the equipment, material processing, etc. We will provide you with a full set of laser marker solution to answer all your questions about our laser processing and equipment operation.

    • News and Information>

      News and Information

      TASTELASER news and information – Provides latest news concerning new product recommendation, events, announcements, notification and how to use our products etc.

  • Contact-us
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Laser engraving for wooden wares

Suitable for a variety of timbers, including plywood, cladding plates, natural wood etc


Having improved the ancient hollow production process, the processes of laser hollowing, engraving, marking design has made the wooden hollowing processing more in line with the requirements of contemporary production standardization. On the one hand, it has set the workers hands free, and has solved the harm to the workers caused by the traditional manufacturing process; On the other hand,it has created values for wooden wares by bringing design patterns, and has endowed life to wooden wares, which makes them vivid and agile.

Material suitable for laser engraving of timber

Display for laser engraving samples of timber

The advantages and features of buying a laser marking machine for engraving and processing wooden wares


        Engraving is realized with a dot method by the laser marking machine, which enjoys a natural advantage in grey-scale expression. For this reason, grey-scale representation is used in engraving design as much as possible, in view of this, it reduces applying the colouring process and saves costs; on the other hand, it enriches the representation of engraving and increases the level of graphics.

The application of laser engraving processing in wooden wares

    Laser marking technology for wooden wares includes shallow engraving and deep engraving. Usually shallow engraving depth is 0.05 ~ 0.1mm ; while deep engraving is generally deeper, it specifically depends on the various materials. Due to the non-contact with the workpiece, laser engraving technology has saved a lot of fixing tools and blades. Also it does not generate any internal stress after marking, which ensures the original accuracy of the work piece. Furthermore the mark will not dissipate due to environmental concerns (touch, acid and alkaline gas, high temperature, low temperature etc.), and enjoys a high degree of anti-counterfeiting. In the end, since the marks produced at fast speed and one-time forming, it consumes less energy, which contributes to its low running cost. Although being larger than the conventional marking equipment, laser marking machines is much lower in terms of operating costs.

Laser engraving for beautiful photos

  By giving loved ones, friends and lovers a beautiful laser-engraved photo frame, the photos of them with time commemorative significancewill be preserved for a long time, in order to retain the most beautiful moments, and fixing the most aesthetic memories laser engraving technology is the future for beautiful photos


Hollowing bookmarks

  Bookmark has become an indispensable tool. The hollowing bookmarks carved out by laser engraving technology makes it easier to store.

Laser engraving for wooden notebooks

Adopting a laser engraving process, laser engraving for wooden notebooks has retained the original characteristics of wood, and presented vivid and interesting patterns by integrating the hollowing and sculptural design with the brilliant colour on the title page. The towering trees, geometric figures, cartoon characters and other shapes can be marked on the title page, just as painting, which enjoys a great sense of design and technology.

Wooden invitation cards

Wooden invitation cards have broken the marker share maintained by the paper ones for many years and have given people a fresh feeling with their unique colours and materials. With the delicate laser engraving and hollow elements, they deduce a retro and pastoral style.


There are more applications waiting for you, let us work together to create a laser aesthetic world.

Product recommendation

High Power CO2 Mark...

        High power CO2 laser marking machine series are suitable for all kinds of non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, plastic etc on the surface of the laser engraving and laser cutting; Widely used in shoes, clothing, food, beverage, medicine, daily cosmetics and other industries.

High Power CO2 Mark...

        High power CO2 laser marking machine series are suitable for all kinds of non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, plastic etc on the surface of the laser engraving and laser cutting; Widely used for making shoes, clothing, food, beverage, medicine, daily cosmetics and other industries.

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